Arkansas Enhanced Carry Classes in Conway


Enhanced Carry Class Details

Course Fee: $100

Duration: Approximately 5 Hours

Course Requirement: Arkansas Concealed Carry License. 


  • The course is approximately (5)hours in duration.
  • We will offer this class in 2 parts, consisting of (2)  sessions to avoid student fatigue. 
  • We are now booking for Thursday evening December 19th. 

Classroom Instruction 

(Part 1): Thursday evening 12/19 (6:00pm-9:30pm)

  • Enhanced Carry laws, rules and regulations. Including all significant changes to Concealed Carry regulations.
  • Enhanced Carry approved and prohibited locations
  • Issues related to college campus carry 
  • Use of Deadly Force laws, self defense justification, & criminal/civil penalties for non-justification. 
  • Active Shooter Training - emergent situations in public locations.
  • Defensive Accuracy Shooting Concepts
  • Handgun Retention & Deployment Techniques 

Classroom & Range

 (Part 2): Saturday morning 12/21 (9:00am)

  • Safety & Shooting Fundamentals Refresh
  • Live-Fire Qualification 
  • Students will need bring a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition to cover both practice session and qualification course