Professional Services

Private Lessons


Do you want to learn the basic fundamentals of a firearm, improve your accuracy, or learn more about defending yourself with your firearm? Our Private Lessons are designed to provide the very best of individualized instruction. A custom lesson is developed to your specific needs by our certified training instructor. 

TOPICS OF INTEREST • Beginner Shooting • Specific Firearms Focus • Personal Protection Inside & Outside the Home • Drawing and Shooting a Concealed Handgun

Active Shooter Training in Conway


Our active shooter training courses are designed to increase awareness and preparedness by providing resources and options to deal with an active shooter incident or other workplace violence situations. The course will aid your organization in creating an emergency action plan and provide tips for recognizing signs for potential workplace violence. Ideal for:  ◦Private & Public Schools ◦Corporations Businesses ◦Churches ◦Hospitals

Comissioned Security Officer Training


We assist private businesses, schools, and churches in setting up an “in-house” security department with the State of Arkansas and conduct the required State training to commission your staff. Training will allow individuals who have successfully completed our course to become licensed Commissioned Security Officers (CSO) who are granted the authority to carry a firearm in the performance of their job.

Corporate Memberships


  • Agency Memberships are designed for security or law enforcement agencies who have a need to conduct regular firearms training exercises and/or live-fire qualifications courses.  
  • Business Memberships  are available for companies interested in providing their employees  with an outlet to conduct recreational shooting activities in the great outdoors.