Arkansas Security Officer Training

Security Officer Training Classes

Fort Javelin is a registered Institution of Instruction (IOI) with the Arkansas State Police and authorized to conduct Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III Security Officer Training.  We provide training services for private security companies who wish to outsource the State compliance training as well as conduct training services for private businesses, schools, and churches that have “in-house” security departments. 

We also assist private businesses, schools, and churches in setting up an “in-house” security department with the State of Arkansas and will conduct the required State training to commission your staff. Training will allow individuals who have successfully completed our course to become licensed Commissioned Security Officers (CSO) who are granted the authority to carry a firearm in the performance of their job.   

Private Security Officer (PSO) - Phase I Training: This 8 hour training class is required for all  Security Officers in the State of Arkansas and covers the following mandatory training topics:

  • Familiarity with Act 393
  • Legal Authority of Private Security Officers
  • Field Note-taking and Report Writing

Commissioned Security Officer (CSO) - Phase II Training: (Prerequisite Phase I) This 2-day, 16 hour class is required for all Security Officers in the State of Arkansas in order to be authorized to carry a firearm while on duty.  Training topics include:

  • Weapons and Safety 
  • Live-Fire Training, Marksmanship, and Qualification
  • Use of Deadly Force and Arkansas Law 

Commissioned School Security Officer (CSSO) - Phase III Training: (Prerequisite Phase I & Phase II) This 36 hour course is required for all Security Officers in the State of Arkansas who provide armed security for a school K-12. Training topics include:

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Trauma Care
  • Defensive Tactics 
  • Live-Fire Range Practice

Security Officer Training Class Fees

Our class fees are competitive and are based on number of students attending. For more information about our security officer training services give us a call or email us using the "contact us" button below.