Shooting Range in Conway

Fort Javelin Shooting Range

  • Enjoy shooting both handguns and rifles at our outdoor covered shooting range in Conway with 6 shooting lanes.
  • No other range activity occurs during a member’s booked session - you have the entire range to yourself or with the guests you bring!
  • Members have the ability to book range-time using our member online portal.
  • Once booked, members have their own private shooting range for a 1-hour time slot - no interruptions!
  • Our private range allows members to decide who they shoot with and when. Bring a friend or family members to your range session or just enjoy the solitude of shooting alone.
  • Members may schedule a range session weeks or days in advance, or book same day if vacancies exist
  • Maximize your range time - shoot both handguns and approved rifles during your range session.
  • A member “session” is considered 1-hour of range-time.
  • Our range can accommodate all handgun calibers and bullet types, as well as approved rifle calibers and members may shoot up to distances of 25 yards. 
  • Each of our 6 shooting lanes can be individually configured for different target scenarios and distances. 
  • Members are provided a gate code to obtain access into the facility during their scheduled session and will have access to our restroom and covered pavilion.

To enjoy Fort Javelin’s self-supervised shooting range in Conway, all members will need to certify that they have successfully completed a formal course of instruction in safe firearms handling. This can be satisfied with an existing Concealed Carry License, Hunter's Education Certificate, a Law Enforcement Credential, or proof of firearms qualification through Military Service.

Membership Plans

Basic Membership Plan: $35 Annual Due (price includes first range session)

  • Each session (1-hour duration) must be scheduled and paid in advance using our online member portal
  • Session Fees: $20
  • A guest may accompany a member for an additional $10 per session (Members are limited to only 1 guest per session)
  • Members may book and share range-time together at the discounted rate of $15 per member for a 1-hour session.

Family Membership Plan: $80 Annual Due (price includes two free range sessions $40 value)  

  • Plan offers the primary membership holder to include up to 6 additional family members on the plan.
  • Family plan is limited to the spouse and children who are still dependents under 25 years old, and senior citizens - the parents of main member or spouse.
  • Primary member must always be present when family members are attending a session.
  • Primary member may always book a basic 1-hour shooting session for $20 and up to 3 additional members on the plan can attend at no additional cost.
  • Members may book a 2 hour session for $40, (When booking a 2 hour session, members may divide up their time and use both the Sporting Clays Field and Shooting Range during their outing).