Sporting Clays in Conway


Sporting Clays in Conway

Fort Javelin now offers Sporting Clays in Conway for member use. Members can now enjoy shooting clay pigeons in Conway using our 4 clays machines strategically positioned to have targets coming at you head on, from left and right, and from behind.  All members who wish to use our Sporting Clays Field must first go through an orientation prior to being eligible to book this service in order to familiarize themselves with the operation of the machines and general field use guidelines.   

Please review our membership application process here if you are not already a current member and are interested in becoming one.   

  • Our Sporting Clays field works off the same booking process as our Shooting Range:  
  • Members have the ability to book Sporting Clay Field time by using our member online portal.
  • Once booked, members have the field and machines to themselves for a 1-hour time slot - no interruptions!
  • Our machines work off remote controls and can be operated by a sole member, but the experience is best enjoyed when bringing a guest or family members to assist and participate.
  • Session Fees are $20. A guest may accompany for an additional $10.
  • Members may book/share time together at the discounted rate of $15 per member for a 1-hour session.
  • Family Plan members pay $20 per session and may always bring up to 3 additional members listed on their plan to participate at no additional cost.
  • Family Plan members may book a 2 hour session for $35. (When booking a 2 hour session, members may divide up their time and use both the Sporting Clays Field and Shooting Range during their outing).


General Guidelines

  • Members may only use 7 ½ shot or smaller. No slug, buckshot, or any loads of lead shot larger than #7 ½ are permitted. Please remember that the smaller the number the larger the shot, 7 ½ - 12 is the only shot allowed.  
  • 12-gauge shotguns or smaller 
  • Shoot only 2 ¾ inch shells or smaller 
  • All shooters and spectators are REQUIRED to wear both eye and ear protection 
  • Keep your shotgun open and unloaded always, except when you are on the firing station preparing to shoot. 
  • All shooting must be done from the designated shooting station – no exceptions.  
  • Only one shooter from the shooting station may fire at a time. No more than one person may occupy the shooting station at a time, except when a coach and pupil are together (and in that case only one shotgun should be present). 
  • Do not load until you are standing on the shooting station with your gun pointing safely toward the flight area. 
  • The shooting station is equipped with a firing angle limiter (FAL), which consists of 2 uprights to limit the side-to-side firing angle. Your shotgun barrel should always be between these uprights when actively shooting.  
  • Do not load more shells than the number of targets that will be presented at one time.  
  • Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction – either towards the ground or upwards. Do not carry in a manner where your barrel sweeps across people or property.
  • Members must provide their own clays (WHITE FLYER BIODEGRADABLE ONLY) and pickup expended shot shells when done.  
  • Personal vehicles are never allowed to be driven onto the Clays Field.